Female California Root Borer

Huge Moth is northern California
July 23, 2009
I live in Northern California, and i found this insect at the place i work today, it’s huge and can fit in my palm and it the size of a small mouse. It somewhat looks like a giant moth – hornet hybrid.
Northern California – Tahoe

Female California Root Borer
Female California Root Borer

Dear random,
Your female California Root Borer, Prionus californicus, is actually a beetle, and more about the genus can be read on BugGuide.

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  1. On 06/02/2020, about 8:00 pm, there was a large beetle behind my house. I only had a phone camera so the photo I took is only fair.
    It’s been identified as a borer, but I’m hoping to specifically identify it.
    How can I submit a photo here?


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