Featherhorned Longicorn from Australia

Subject: Who is this cute little guy?
Location: Gladstone in Central Queensland Australia
December 13, 2013 4:47 am
This little fellow came to visit my cousin in Gladstone, Queensland , Australia, just a few days ago. We googled all sorts of feather horned creatures but didn’t find anything quite the same. What’s this bug?
Signature: Sue

Featherhorned Longicorn
Featherhorned Longicorn

Dear Sue,
Though you used a good key word, it is understandable that you had trouble identifying this Featherhorned Longicorn,
Piesarthrius marginellus, since there are not many good photos of it online.  We have several nice images of the Featherhorned Longicorn in our own archives, and your image might be the best of them.  We also located a beautiful image of the Featherhorned Longicorn on The View from Vinegar Hill blog.

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