Featherhorned Longicorn from Australia: Piesarthrius frenchi

Subject: Bug Identification
Location: Dungog NSW Australia
January 3, 2014 3:08 pm
Hello we found this bug at Dungog NSW Australia and hoping you would be able to tell us what it is. Have had the property for 25 years and have never seen these here before. thanks in advance
Signature: Sharon Coates

Feathered Longicorn: Piesarthrius marginellus
Feathered Longicorn: Piesarthrius frenchi

Hi Sharon,
We must begin by complimenting you on some stunning photos of a truly amazing looking Feathered Longicorn,
Piesarthrius marginellus.  We have several other examples of this Feathered Longicorn in our archives, and we are truly excited when we receive new images.  The pinned specimen on the Atlas of Living Australia website is nowhere near as beautiful as your living specimen. 

Feathered Longicorn:
Feathered Longicorn:  Piesarthrius frenchi

Correction: April 16, 2017
Thanks to a comment from Jacquot, we have indicated the species as Piesarthrius frenchi, a different member for the genus that we had originally misidentified.  A mounted specimen is pictured on Papua Insects.

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  1. There are really surprizing pictures !
    This beautifull insect is Piesarthrius frenchi because of the double comb of its antennae. It is visible on the face photo.


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