Feather Legged Fly

Subject:  Feather-legged Fly
Geographic location of the bug:  Andover, NJ
Date: 08/15/2018
Time: 12:57 PM EDT
Your letter to the bugman:  In addition to the colorful T. pennipes, I had this larger feather-legged fly in my mountain mint patch today.  My best guess is that it is T.  lanipes.  It was quite large and had the most beautiful wings. It’s under-belly was an orange-red color, which was kind of a surprise.   Did I land on the right id?
How you want your letter signed:  Deborah Bifulco

Feather-Legged Fly

Hi Deborah,
The last time you submitted images of a Feather Legged Fly, we originally thought it was
Trichopoda pennipes, but upon further contemplation, we believe it was Trichopoda lanipes.  We agree with you that this is also most likely Trichopoda lanipes.  We especially like that there is a Metallic Sweat Bee in the bottom of one of your images.

Feather-Legged Fly
Feather-Legged Fly and Metallic Sweat Bee

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