Feather Horned Longicorn from Australia

Green Beetle with “eye brow” like antennae
Sat, Mar 7, 2009 at 11:34 PM
While typing a research paper “Do big buttresses break with passing wind” in the Australian jungle within the Atherton Table lands, this “Groucho Marx” bug flew onto my keyboard and despite much prodding wouldn’t leave me alone. Could you give me a less affectionate name to call it?
Lonely Dinosaur
Atherton Table lands, NE Australia

Feather Horned Longicorn
Feather Horned Longicorn

Dear Lonely Dinosaur,
This is the second submission of this spectacular beetle we have received since Christmas. This is a Feather Horned Longicorn Beetle, Piesarthrius marginellus, indeed a longhorned beetle native to Australia. You can find photos online on the Up Close and Spineless website as well as at http://www.cerambycoidea.com/foto.asp?Id=830.

Feather Horned Longicorn
Feather Horned Longicorn

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  1. I think you may be mistaken in this ID – given the green metallic colour, and excessively huge eyes, and the location it was found in, would Rhipidocerus australasiae be a better match? P. marginellus has a white blotched, dark thorax and brown elytra.


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