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Natural History Museum: Exploratory Conversation?
November 9, 2009
I work at the Natural History Museum in Expo Park. I am managing a project through which the museum will create 3 acres of outdoor green space on the north side of our building. We are aiming to create a place for our visitors to engage with local, urban, nature, including (my favourite, and it seems your’s too) insects! I would love to chat with you more about this project and about What’s That Bug.
Lila Higgins

We will contact Lila as soon as we have a spare moment.

Update:  December 8, 2009
Yesterday, we had the long awaited telephone chat with Lila at the Natural History Museum.  We are very excited to possibly work with the Museum on the outdoor space that is being constructed on the North side of the campus.  We made it abundantly clear that we are clumsy amateurs, and not trained science professionals, but that characteristic is exactly what Lila believes the visitors to the Museum and the new outdoor space will find appealing.  The area at the Museum will be planted once the existing hardscaping is removed, and it is hoped that the green space will attract fauna (insects included) that thrive in the urban ecosystem of Los Angeles.  More and more attention needs to be placed on studying and trying to understand the creatures that live in our proximity, and there is just as much of a probability of discovering a species that is new to science in one’s own backyard as there is by making an expedition to the rain forest.  Chances are good that the discovery may not be grand or flashy, but it could have economic significance, be it positive or negative.  We are going to request that Lila provide a press release for the new space so that we can inform our readership.  We have many faithful local fans, and Los Angeles remains a viable tourist attraction to our readership from around the globe, and we will all be eagerly anticipating the improvements at the Natural History Museum.

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