Fanmail from a Faithful Fan

April 16, 2010
It IS wonderful to see how the site has grown but it’s darn near impossible to get a message through to Dan and Lisa, let alone a photo.  But I still love these guys!  I know they’re as busy as bees!
Now in Romeoville IL, not Darien IL

Hi Joannne,
We see you have added an n to your name since the last time we wrote back to you.  We haven’t noticed any mail from you, but we don’t always read names in an effort to be more impartial when reading our mail.  Though much more would get answered if we hired staff, we like maintaining a personal touch with our responses.
Dear, dear Joannne,
We will never forget that “hornet’s nest” you stirred up a few years back with your wry comments.  As always, we love being a bit edgy and controversial, and even adult in our humor, but we strive to maintain public decorum and we always refrain from posting obscenities and foul language to our humble site, either from our own keyboards or those of the public.  Try resending that photo Joanne.

Thanks so much for remembering me, Dan!  I have left my partner of 18 years and am now living on my own in Romeoville, IL.  It’s for the best so don’t worry!
My best friend lives in Sheridan, IL and whilst staying with her the weekend I left my partner, I found this beautiful garden spider and her husband….sperm donor….whatever.  I will send three images on a separate email.
I am looking forward to a summer of new bugs in Sheridan, IL.  My friend out there and I have been buddies since 1977 so I know I’m welcome out there any time!
Much love,
Joanne (still 2 “n”s I think I was drinking…)

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