Fanmail and Case Bearing Moth Larvae identification

Subject: Meal moths and case bearing moths
February 21, 2014 10:57 am
Thanks so much for your extremely helpful site!
I’ve read your identification responses for both the Indian meal moths and the case bearing moths. I was wondering if the Indian Meal Moths also make the flat pods. I have found worms, cases and moths in my house for months now.
We moved to Puerto Rico from Maryland and I believe we unpacked the pests after they sat in a shipping container for two months. We threw away everything that we thought was contaminated, but they seem to be back! Just wondering if all three are maybe the same thing or if we have two kinds of bugs.
Thanks for any help!
Signature: Sara

Thanks for the nice compliment.  You are probably thinking of the Case Bearing Moth Larvae which are different than the Indian Meal Moths.

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