If you ever consider writing a children’s book…
June 6, 2011 10:03 pm
I just bought your “Curious World” book in Boston.  Love it.  I am a backyard  organic gardener, bug aficionado, and illustrator of 25 books.  And I live on Santa Monica.  I think you should write a picture book celebrating bugs and I could illustrate it.
Signature: Kathryn Hewitt

Hi Kathryn,
Thanks so much for the compliment.  The circumstances that lead to my writing The Curious World of Bugs was very atypical, and you may read about it here on the Perigee Bookmarks site.  The thought of writing a children’s book is tempting.  I just might consider it.  Perhaps we should continue this dialog offline upon my return from visiting my mother in Ohio for a week.

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