Just wanted to say I enjoy your site
June 4, 2011 2:01 pm
Hey. I just wanted to say that I enjoy your site. I have identified a few bugs using the site and I enjoy looking at the pictures. I try not to kill bugs if I can avoid it, though I do admit that I’m not all that kind to wasps, mosquitos, and spiders in the house. If I know that a bug is harmless I usually leave it alone. I’ve got some honeybee, praying mantis, lunar moth, butterfly, and a few other random insect pictures that I could send if you would like to add them to your archive. They’re probably fairly common species, though, so you probably have pictures already.
Anyway, I really enjoy your site. You do a good job with it. Thanks for maintaining it.
Signature: L.M.

Dear L.M.
We look forward to the day you cannot identify the insect you have photographed.  At that time, send us your photo.  We are currently getting close to 100 identification requests per day and we are unable to handle them all, so many requests go unanswered.  We are postdating your fanmail email to go live on our site on June 8 because we will be gone from the office for a week.

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