False Widow

Subject: False Widow?
Location: San Francisco Bay Area, U.S.
February 22, 2014 10:23 pm
Hello there-
I found this lovely lady (?) up in a corner near the ceiling of our San Francisco garage/basement (we live on a hill, so that wall is actually subterranean). There’s a similar but smaller spider nearby that I can’t get a good picture of because it’s tucked to far into a corner. I can’t guarantee how true the color are as the pic was taken with a flash. I was initially intrigued by the spider because it looked quite black in the dark and we do get the occasional widow in this region, but now that I’ve seen it up close, I’m wondering if it might be a Steatoda grossa?
Signature: SnorkMaiden

False Widow
False Widow

Dear Snorkmaiden,
We agree that your spider looks like the False Widow pictured on BugGuide
Your individual appears to be an immature female, and when she matures, she will lose the markings on the abdomen and BugGuide has nice images of the female life cycle.

Good to know. Many thanks for the response!

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