False Bombardier Beetle

Subject: What kind of bug is this
Location: Dragon run river/swamp near Saluda, Virginia
March 13, 2016 5:50 am
Hi, hoping you can tell me about this bug found this morning in the house.
We live in Virginia, near Saluda, near the dragon run River/swamp. Found early morning on 13 March 2016. We are very wooded and rural.
Signature: James

False Bombardier Beetle
False Bombardier Beetle

Hi James,
We are currently scrolling through unanswered mail from March, searching for nice images and postings that may be of interest to our readership.  This is a False Bombardier Beetle in the genus
Galerita.  According to BugGuide:  “Open woodlands, under stones, leaves. Come to lights, sometimes wander into houses” and “Adults eat other insects, especially caterpillars.”

Thank you for the response and information.  I have bookmarked the ‘bug guide’ website.  Should prove useful in the future.
Thanks again,

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