Subject: Faithful Beauty Caterpillars in Central Florida
Location: Southeast Central Florida
September 9, 2012 12:48 am
Hi Daniel. This photo of twin Faithful Beauty caterpillars was just so gorgeous I wanted to share. I keep reading how they don’t stray north of Miami much but, these cats were all over devil’s potato plants at the Archie Carr refuge just north of Sebastian inlet. This would be considered south Central Florida on the east coast. A couple of the moths were flitting around, too. My husband and I saw them last year in October and came back this year (Sept.) to get photographs. The moths were too fast for us, but the cats were cooperative, not to mention quite photogenic.
Signature: Elizabeth

Faithful Beauty Caterpillars

Hi Elizabeth,
Thank you so much for sending in your lovely photo of Faithful Beauty Caterpillars.  Perhaps the range of the Faithful Beauty is expanding due to global warming.  Faithful Beauty has to be one of the most cryptic names ever given to a moth.

Location: Florida

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