Eyed Elater

Subject: Big borer
Location: West of Pensacola, FL
March 30, 2014 6:04 pm
This guy may work for the NSA. Look at his huge eyes. He makes a very audible tick sound when he moves. He’s about the size of the last two joints on my little finger. I discovered him while taking a few wacks at a dead and diseased southern maple with an axe. His hole is not far from the rotted center base of the tree. He has skinny legs. The location is about a mile north of theNaval Air Station near Pensacola.
Signature: Bob

Eyed Elater
Eyed Elater

Dear Bob,
This is an Eyed Elater, one of the Click Beetles that is capable of righting itself when it finds itself on its back, by snapping its body at the joint between the thorax and the abdomen, producing an audible “click”.  We are especially happy to receive your photo of the hole of an Eyed Elater.

Hole of an Eyed Elater
Hole of an Emerged Eyed Elater

Well, thank you Daniel. You guys are amazing! I submitted my photos at 6PM Sunday night and you answered by 1AM. Those creepy crawlies must keep you up all night. Your website is what they must have envisioned when they invented the internet. Thanks, Bob

Thanks for your kind comment Bob.  We just posted one final posting prior to going to sleep, and that was your submission.  We are several hours earlier in California, so we were not up all night responding to the increasing number of requests we are getting now that spring is upon us.

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