Eyed Elater

Subject: Big Beetle with false eyespots?
Location: Orlando, Florida
April 14, 2013 5:31 pm
Hello, bugman! I’m a native New Yorker new to Florida, and all it’s Carboniferous sized bugs. This cool looking guy was spotted 4/12, yesterday, on my husbands shorts. We’re near Orlando. He was a bit greener than the image appears. Pretty big, and pretty cool.
Signature: Katie

Eyed Elater
Eyed Elater

Hi Katie,
This impressive beetle is an Eyed Elater,
Alaus oculatus, a species of Click Beetle.  Click Beetles get their common name because they are able to flip to an upright position if they are on their backs.  They produce an audible click while snapping the thorax and abdomen against a hard surface which propels the insect into the air, righting itself.  Eyed Elaters are also native to New York as well as the rest of eastern North America.

Wow that was fast! Thsnks! I’m elated to know it. 🙂 (haw haw)

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  1. TY for getting back to me. Believe it or not, I purchased a medley treat which consists of dried crickets , meal worms, grasshoppers, which is what I feed my lizard. He loves it! I will be looking for larvae, grubs, etc. TYVM <3

    • Thanks for letting us know about the diet of your captive specimen. BugGuide did not seem certain about the diet of adult Eyed Elaters.

      • YSVW. I was out looking for larvae this morning and found another!! I was like omg!! Now I have two. They are camping out on a piece of damp wood and seem to be getting along just fine. This one is a size smaller. Have to find out how to tell male from female. Who knows, I might possibly have a family, lol. TYSVM


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