Rare Bug from NJ
Location: Woodbine, NJ
July 13, 2011 10:31 am
Hello and thanks for taking the time to possibly identify this strange looking bug from the attached pic. We found it yesterday in Woodbine, NJ in a wooded area. It hops around like a cricket.
Signature: Frank Petka

Eyed Elater

Hi Frank,
If identification requests that we receive are any indication, Eyed Elaters are not rare.  We actually have them tagged as one of our Top 10 identification requests.  Eyed Elaters are Click Beetles, and the hopping you describe is the beetle’s ability to right itself if it finds itself on its back.  It can snap its body and flip in the air, producing an audible clicking sound.  The eyespots on the Eyed Elater are a defense mechanism to frighten large predators like birds who might mistake it for a larger creature than the bite sized morsel it actually is.  We are post dating this letter to go live to our site over the weekend while we are out of the office.

Amazing response time…thanks so much…that was awesome. I will spread the word about your great site!

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Location: New Jersey

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