Eyed Elater

crazy beetle (?) on our deck this AM
Location: Allendale, Michigan
June 18, 2011 8:00 am
Hi. What a great website!
We found the following bug on our deck this morning, and were hoping that you could satisfy the curiosity of an inquisitive 3 year old (and his dad.)
Thank you.
Signature: Eric and Calder Sikkema

Eyed Elater

Hi Eric and Calder,
If you two would like a little additional entertainment, try flipping this Eyed Elater on its back.  It can snap its body in such a manner that it can propel itself into the air with an audible click, flipping over so that it lands on its feet, indicating that it is a member of the Click Beetle family Elateridae.

Thank you very much for your reply.  we dug a little deeper into your site and identified it, but only after we sent our email.  Thank you again.
Eric and Calder

It was nice to hear you were able to self identify.

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