No Exterminator needed to eliminate Beggar Ticks

Subject: What kind of bug is this?
Location: Wisconsin
May 9, 2014 8:21 pm
I was cleaning my bed yesterday and found these on my mattress but under my fitted sheet. But here’s the kicker, they were only in ONE spot and about a hand full of them. I’ve been searching endless hours as to what these are. It is hard and ‘sturdy’, It was not moving it anything like that. Not sure if they are seeds or what they are. I have 2 cats and one of my cat cuddles with me every night under the covers. So pretty sure it’s not a rodent. And my cats are strictly indoor cats, they are NOT allowed in the basement or outside…
Signature: Christina

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I really hope you can tell me what it is. I’m really creeped out and ready to call an exterminator, found 2 centipedes in my living room tonight.

Beggar Ticks
Beggar Ticks

Hi Christina,
Though they are called Beggar Ticks, there is no need to call the exterminator.  Beggar Ticks are seeds of the composite wildflowers in the genus
Bidens  that have a very unique means of being transported.  According to Brian Johnson on Microscopy UK:  “The seed of a Beggar-Tick may not be beautiful, but I can attest from personal experience that it is very efficient.  Considerable force is required to remove one from a sock or pant leg.  Even shoe-laces are not immune! “.   There is a very nice image of Beggar Ticks on the Field Guide to Noxious and other Selected Weeds of British Columbia.

Thank you very much! I still don’t know how they got under my sheet. But I feel much better now. Thank you again!! There is a water retention pond in our back yard, so unfortunately we do get some creepy crawlers but I try to keep the house closed up as best as I can. But they do on occasion come up from basement (house is from 1907 but everything BUT the basement has been gutted and redone).
Thanks again and have a great day!

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