White California Mantis?
Location:  San Fernando Valley, CA
August 18, 2010 1:17 pm
I find this bug about once a year here in Chatsworth, CA. Always in parking lots near where people are; grocery store parking lots near the shopping carts is common. Today, in a parking lot by the benches where people sit waiting for their car to be washed.
Sean in CA

European Mantis

Hi Sean,
Your photograph clearly shows a dark spot on the underarm of this Mantis which inclines us to identify it as a European Mantis,
Mantis religiosa, based on this BugGuide identification tip:  “According to the Key to Florida Mantids: ‘Front coxa with a large black-ringed spot near base, beneath; green color of tegmen not sharply confined to costal area.’  The noted coxa black spots may, or may not, have a white center or bullseye. In some instances these spots are all dark.”  The spot is visible in this BugGuide image.

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