European Hornet eats Swamp Darner

Large redand yellow bee/wasp?
September 2, 2009
Would like to know the name of this bee-like bug that I found eating a dragonfly
Odenton, Maryland

European Hornet eats Dragonfly
European Hornet eats Swamp Darner

Dear Wondering999,
The predator in your photo is a European Hornet, Vespa crabo, an introduced species, so we are tagging it as an Invasive Exotic.  You can read about the species on BugGuide.  The prey seems to resemble one of the Pilot Darners in the genus Coryphaeschna, but we are uncertain if the range is a far north as Maryland.  We would love assistance with the Dragonfly ID.  We didn’t have much luck on this Dragonfly of Maryland page.

4 thoughts on “European Hornet eats Swamp Darner”

  1. I was just looking for something on the web when I found the site. The dragonfly seen being eaten by the hornet appears to be a swamp darner (Epiaeschna heros).

  2. You said not sure if they’re as far north as Maryland. For years I’ve seen these giants in south jersey. All summer long. Not just at home but all over south jersey as I travel for work in construction I’m outside all day I should have figured they weren’t native.


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