European Hornet

Subject:  Is this a hornet?
Geographic location of the bug:  Richmond, va
Date: 10/30/2017
Time: 04:18 PM EDT
On my doorknob. Won’t move. I don’t wanna mess with it. Please identify.
How you want your letter signed:  Frantzis

European Hornet

Dear Frantzis,
This is a non-native European Hornet.  We suspect, because of the season, that this might be a new queen that is searching for a good place to hibernate.  According to the Penn State Department of Entomology:  “The overwintering queens are somewhat larger – up to 35 mm” and “Each fall, the colony produces males and females that mate, and the females become next year’s queens. Only the overwintering queens survive in protected sites such as under loose bark, in tree cavities, and in wall voids of buildings. All other colony members produced in the current year will perish.” 

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