Euprepia oertzeni from Israel

I thought this one was cool
I believe this one is a Euprepia oertzeni, thought it was cool, and wanted to share. Thanks,
Michelle Starr
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Hi Michelle,
Thanks for sharing your photo, but you really didn’t share much else. We were not familiar with this species, so we googled the name your provided. All indications are that it is an old world species. We then googled your area code and it is Washington D.C. We don’t know if you took this photo in our nation’s capitol, or on a vacation abroad, or if you even took the photo. Our readership thrives on information, not just lovely photos.

I actually live in Jerusalem, Israel. I found it in my kitchen, and had absolutely no idea what it was, so we nicknamed it the cow moth. I found a bug identification website, and Bob Patterson of the Moth Photographers group gave me this link: I have no idea what eupropia eortzeni means, but the hebrew word for it is dooboan menumar, which means leopard moth. Apparently it belongs in the Arctiidae category. Thanks,
Michelle Star

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