Subject: What type of moth?
Location: Central Maryland
November 1, 2015 10:40 am
First time I’ve seen this and I’m a bit perplexed? Maybe a wasp moth although banding doesn’t seem to fit.
It was seen in the morning on Nov 1st in the Baltimore, Md area on a colder rainy day.
Flagellate antennaes, orange body black tail and overall fuzzy. 6 legs and clear wings with black veins and a bright yellow tinge at the attachment point of the wings.
Signature: Steve Sheggrud

Euonymus Leaf Notcher Moth

Euonymus Leaf Notcher Moth

Dear Steve,
That was a good guess, but this is actually an invasive, exotic Euonymus Leaf Notcher Moth,
Pryeria sinica, a species from Asia first detected in Maryland in 2001 according to BugGuide.  We first reported on the Euonymus Leaf Notcher in 2005.  Since sightings of the adult moth are most common late in the fall, and since this is an invasive species that gardeners should know about, we are tagging this as our Bug of the Month for November 2015.

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Location: Baltimore, Maryland

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  1. dan says:

    Wow, so lucky that I happened upon this when I checked what’s that bug today. I had been searching for this ID for days when I found one myself on Nov 1.

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