Subject: Please Help 🙂
Location: Maryland – USA
November 10, 2012 3:05 am
I was doing yard work yesterday when I noticed this bug after pulling up a plant that had died from a recent frost we had. It was moving slowly but I have never seen one of those before and am curious to know what it is and if it would be harmful in any way. I live in Maryland and we’re just now getting the cooler temps of a fall season. Any information is appreciated. Thanks!
Signature: flurrygurl

Euoymus Leaf Notcher Moth

Dear flurrygurl,
The Euonymus Leaf Notcher Moth,
Pryeria sinica, is an invasive exotic species with a caterpillar that feeds on cultivated euonymus.  The comment thread on this posting to BugGuide has some interesting information.  We originally informed our readership of this invasive species in 2005.

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Location: Maryland

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