hawkmoth from the island of Tobago
photographed a week or so ago on the island of Tobago, W. I. Wingspread about 4 1/2 inches. Any ideas?
Arthur C. Borror.

Dear Arthur,
We have been obsessed with identifying your Sphinx Moth, and we appreciate the efforts you took to get us the image. After searching well over 100 species on Bill Oehlke’s excellent site, we located Eumorpha capronnieri, which is found in Venezuala. This looks like a perfect match for your lovely moth.

Many thanks for the “obsessing” re my snapshot of Eumorpha caponnieri. I visited the Bill Oehlke site, found his description, and agree w yr diagnosis. I’ve been interested in Lepidoptera all my life, stimulated by my father, Donald J. Borror, author of “An Introduction to the Study of Insects” as well as Peterson Series field guide on insects. He would have been amazed at the modern technology! Many thanks again for the help.

2 Responses to Eumorpha capronnieri: Sphinx from Tobago

  1. Bill Oehlke says:

    I have posted Arthur’s image of Eumorpha capronnieri, credited to him, to newly created Tobago Sphingidae page at
    Bill Oehlke
    If that is not okay, please advise, and I will remove the image.

    • bugman says:

      That is fine with us Bill. We fully support your website as an authorized What’s That Bug? link. As far as we are concerned, you may keep the image posted unless Arthur feels otherwise.

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