Eucalytus Borer in South Africa

December 15, 2009
Found this bug inamongst Balau decking planks that we sell. Could it be some species of borer, and could it be threatening to a timber store
Eastern Cape, South Africa

Eucalyptus Borer
Eucalyptus Borer

Dear Buglet,
This is a Eucalyptus Borer in the genus Phoracantha.  It is native to Australia, but it has become established in Southern California where many eucalyptus trees have been planted.  We are guessing that it was also introduced to South Africa where eucalyptus is doubtless grown as well.

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  1. A friend brought me an eucalyptus tree that he had cut down in their front yard in Sa n Carlos CA . I found this dead eucalyptus borer under the bark. I live in Tuolumne, CA. Is there any chance that it can affect any other trees in this area or in the San Carlos area where there are many eucalyptus trees?


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