Eucalyptus Borer adult and larva

Subject: Looking to identify beetle
Location: Alongside Canyon in Spring Valley -San Diego California
February 5, 2014 9:47 pm
Hello and thank you in advance for your assistance in identifying this beetle.
Found in seasoned Eucalyptus logs that we were cutting for firewood. A dozen or so Beetles and larva.
Signature: Linda Diaz De Leon

Eucalyptus Borer
Eucalyptus Borer

Hi Linda,
Both the adult beetle and the larva are Eucalyptus Borers in the genus
Phoracantha.  There are two similar looking species, and we are unable to tell one from the other.  Eucalyptus Borers are native to Australia, but they have been introduced to North America and they are relatively common in California due to the ubiquity of the Eucalyptus host trees.  In an effort to keep populations of Eucalyptus Borers from spreading, people should not transport firewood far from the source of the growing trees.  You can find an image of the larva on Forestry Images.

Larva of a Eucalyptus Borer
Larva of a Eucalyptus Borer

Thank you very much for your time expertise.

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