End Band Netwing Beetles Mating

Bug with orange and metallic blue wings
Dear Bugman,
I have another strange insect we can’t identify. My husband took this picture in Sept 2006 of this bug on the leaf of an iris. I tired to find this one on the web and did not have much luck. I figured with such beautiful and distinctive wings that it would be easy, but I don’t even what basic type of bug this is. Thank you for your help.
Peggi Wolfe
Natchez, MS

Hi Peggi,
Judging by the number of visible wings, there is a second End Band Netwing Beetle, Calopteron terminale, hidden behind the visible one. We can only deduce that they are in the process of mating, or attempting to mate. You shouldn’t feel badly that you couldn’t identify them, since Netwing Beetles resemble moths more than typical beetles.

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