Enamored of the Japanese Beetle!!!

Name of Bug
Thank you for responding so quickly to my question about the caterpillar which turned out to be a white tussock moth caterpillar. Well, I was quite spellbound by the caterpillar. Was careful not to step on it, and watched out for it all day. Then I found out it could become a pest. Now, I have a bug I am wondering about (picture attached). Have not killed it, but am cautious about getting so enamored with it. Am glad to have found your site to ask questions. I began flower gardening this year and have found myself as taken with the animal life as the plant life growing around my yard. Meanwhile, I hope not to become a pest myself.
Thank you

Hi Joyce,
It would behoove you to try to erradicate the dreaded Japanese Beetle, an introduction that is very fond of roses, rose of sharon, and many other garden plants.

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