Emperor Gum Moth from New Zealand

Largest Furry Moth I have ever seen!!
February 2, 2010
Hi bugman, we found this very large moth on our house this morning – Near Wellington, New Zealand.
He was approx 15cm wing span with beautiful colourful brown/green and even pink markings but a little too furry for my likings. Sorry its not the best photo, I did not like to get too close to it 🙂
We have some swan plants in our back garden with Monarch Butterfly eggs and caterpillars, so we are very proud of our bugs!!
Shona (mum), Charlie & Teddy
Paremata, Wellington, New Zealand

Emperor Gum Moth

Hi Shona, Charlie and Teddy,
This gorgeous moth is an Emperor Gum Moth, Opodiphthera eucalypti.  As you can see from the images on the Csiro Entomology site for Australia, there are many variations.  It is an introduced species in New Zealand.

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  1. i saw the emperor moth sunning itself on a wall at work have photo but dont know how to do it she was big being groundsman i see lotss of different bugs this one aat belmont northshore auckland


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