Emerald Moth

Blue green moth in Seattle
December 20, 2009
One day several summers ago (July 9, 2005) I looked out the window and saw this beautiful moth. I took lots of terrible pictures of it but got a couple that are ok. I’ve looked around and haven’t been able to identify it. We live in Shoreline, WA, just north of Seattle. There are a lot of douglas fir and cedar trees around, as well as a creek about 100 yards away.
Thank you!
Novice bug watcher
Shoreline, WA

Emerald Moth
Emerald Moth

Dear Novice,
Though we cannot tell you the exact species for certain, we can tell you that this is an Emerald Moth in the subfamily Geometrinae.  The caterpillars are called Inchworms or Spanworms.  You can scan BugGuide for possible species matches.  We would place our money on the Common Emerald, Hemithea aestivaria, which BugGuide reports from Washington and British Columbia.  It is a species that was introduced from Europe, and it is expected that it may continue to expand its range in North America.

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