Emerald Moth may be Blackberry Looper

Subject: Blackberry Looper Moth?
Location: Austin, TX
April 10, 2014 9:29 am
I found this little gal on my front porch in Austin, TX – the linked HSU page says’ she’s a Blackberry Looper. Can you confirm? Sure is pretty.
~ Laura
http://www.hsu.edu/pictures2.aspx?id=16785 website
Signature: Laura


Hi Laura,
Thank you so much for resubmitting your request using our standard form as it is much easier to create postings if we have a standard format.  We cannot say for certain that your moth is a Blackberry Looper,
Chlorochlamys chloroluecaria, but that is a good possibility.  Your moth is definitely an Emerald in the subfamily Geometrinae which contains many similar looking green moths.  See BugGuide for the myriad possibilities.  Perhaps someone with more experience identifying Geometrid Moths will be able to confirm the identity of your moth.

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