Embroidered Art from one of our contributors

Thanks Daniel!  I do a type of hand embroidery called Stumpwork and bugs are one of the things that I like to make.  And as an added challenge, I like to do ones that I find when we travel.

How wonderful.  Please send us some images if you can.

Embroidered Beautiful Demoiselle

Here’s one of my favorites…my version of a Beautiful Demoiselle (Calopteryx virgo).

Thanks Celeste.  Your embroider is beautiful.  We are categorizing this in our Bug Art category.


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BugMan aka Daniel Marlos has been identifying bugs since 1999. WhatsThatbug.com is his passion project and it has helped millions of readers identify the bug that has been bugging them for over two decades. You can reach out to him through our Contact Page.

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