Elongate Long-Jawed Orb Weaver

what’s this spider?
Can you tell me what this spider is? We found it on a fern in a bog in NE Alabama in June of 2003. His fourth set of legs are not real apparent, but it is a spider. The two large extensions on the head, are they palps or chelicera….they don’t looked clubbed, actually, they look like spears. Can you tell me what is it we found? Thanks so much!

Hi Mary,
In randomly choosing what to post on a given day, we often miss gems. Luckily, on slow days, we return to unanswered letters, and thus we found your submission of an Elongate Long-Jawed Orb Weaver, Tetragnatha elongata. This spider is usually found near running or standing water. It is found throughout much of North America, mostly in the East. The Long, diverging jaws with many teeth are Chelicerae. Thank you for a wonderful new species for our site. Here is a photo we located online of a pair of this fascinating spider. We will get Eric Eaton to substantiate our identification, and we suspect he may request we also post this on BugGuide if you don’t mind.

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