Elongate Bodied Springtail, possibly

Subject: A tiny bug that bites and moves onthe body
Location: Arequipa, Peru (South America)
March 8, 2016 9:27 pm
Good Evening,
I am fighting with a tiny bugs that bites and moves on all ove my body but moves more on the lower part and that is irritating, they more active at night I cleaned everything many times in detail even put my home stuff like furniturer, clothes, bed sheets, blankets, carpets etc. in sunlight almost for a week and washed they properly but nothing.
I live with my wife son and sister but most interesting thing is they dont feel anything e even i have shown them many times alive and moving and have a clear video where we can see them moving in wash bason wash bason because its white and I wanted them to see them clearly with a better plain background.
Here I am attaching a photo for the reference and I really want to know what is that bug.
Thanks and Kind Regards
Signature: Micro Bug biting

Elongate Bodied Springtail, we believe
Elongate Bodied Springtail, we believe

Dear Shaiman,
Though the quality of your image is not ideal, we believe this is an Elongate Bodied Springtail.  Based on information we have read, they are considered benign and they do not bite, however, we do have a robust network of commenters on our site regarding a posting Unknown Parasites, and at least one commenter claims that Springtails in the order Collembola are the source of the problem.  Finally, according to Headlice.org: “A 1955 report to the medical literature, apparently overlooked or ignored, sheds new light on the problem and the National Pediculosis Association’s (NPA) efforts to alert the medical community and public health officials to the ability of Collembola to infest or colonize humans.”

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