Elm Sawfly

Subject: Strange Black Bug In My Backyard
Location: South-Central Ontario, Canada
June 6, 2014 6:41 pm
Hi Bugman,
I saw this bug in my backyard just before dark on June 6th. Never seen one like it before. It’s about 2 inches long, winged, black, with three distinct white spots on it’s side and yellowish legs and antennae.
Unfortunately due to the lack of light I was unable to get a really clear picture of it. Any help in identifying it, or at least narrowing down the possibilities, would be appreciated.
Thank You.
Signature: Laura Jean

Elm Sawfly, we believe
Elm Sawfly, we believe

Hi Laura Jean,
the image is quite blurry.  it might be an elm sawlfy

Thanks Daniel 🙂
Wow, you’re good. Looking at the other images, it definitely is an elm sawfly. I really didn’t think you’d be able to identify it so quickly and accurately with such a poor photo. It was the best I could do bending over a drain spout with a flashlight in one hand and my iPad in the other, trying not to get too close since it did kind of look like a wasp, while at the same time trying to watch for skunks. I wanted to get at least one shot before it was gone and I didn’t have anything handy that I could catch it with. (I don’t touch bugs with bare hands.)
I just wanted to be sure it wasn’t some kind of foreign invader that would be cause for concern, since I’ve never seen one before.  Good to know there is nothing to worry about.
Thank you,

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