Elephant Beetles: Megaxoma vogti

Subject: Megasomas for You
Location: Nogales AZ and Live Oak County TX
March 16, 2014 11:33 am
Hello bugman! I’m a fan of Your site. As an avid insect collector I have used Your site as a reference when trying to hunt down species for my personal collection. I felt like it is time for me to contribute as I have utilized You site as a reference. Here are pics of some of the lesser known/seen Megasoma species found in the U.S. Megasoma punctulatus from Nogales, AZ and Megasoma vogti from Live Oak County TX. I hope you enjoy the pics!
Signature: Sincerely, Swampyy82

Elephant Beetle Collection
Elephant Beetle Collection

Dear Swampyy82,
Thank you for the kind compliment.  Do you have a general collection, or do you specialize in Scarab Beetles?  Your photos are greatly appreciated.  According to Bugguide, the Texas Elephant Beetle is found in:  “south Texas and northeastern Mexico” and “Seven species of
Megasoma occur in the southwestern United States and Northern Mexico, only one of which occurs in Texas.”

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