Elephant Beetle: Megasoma punctulatum from Arizona

Subject: Megasomas for You
Location: Nogales AZ and Live Oak County TX
March 16, 2014 11:33 am
Hello bugman! I’m a fan of Your site. As an avid insect collector I have used Your site as a reference when trying to hunt down species for my personal collection. I felt like it is time for me to contribute as I have utilized You site as a reference. Here are pics of some of the lesser known/seen Megasoma species found in the U.S. Megasoma punctulatus from Nogales, AZ and Megasoma vogti from Live Oak County TX. I hope you enjoy the pics!
Signature: Sincerely, Swampyy82

Female Elephant Beetle
Female Elephant Beetle

Hi again Swampyy82,
According to BugGuide, there is a species of Elephant Beetle,
Megasoma punctulatum, that is found in Arizona.  The species name you provided ends in an “s” and we are wondering if you have new information regarding taxonomy, if this is a species not listed on BugGuide, or if there is an error in spelling.  We have split your submission into two distinct postings to account for two different locations so that our web platform can utilize the mapping function.

Hello bugman!
I collect Coleoptera only.  I collect most of the superfamilies not just Scarabaeoidea.  I am a beetle hunter as I don’t normally trade for specimens.  I do my research, then travel to the location and go into the field to hunt the beetles I would like in my collection.  I only take 5 of a species to get a good representation of that species without over-collecting.
As for the name on M. punctulatus, I’m glad You brought that to my attention.  That is the first time I have seen the name spelled both ways.  I’ll have to get back to you with the correct information on the spelling.  It is the same species.
I will continue to use Your sight as a reference and enjoy all the pictures others post on it.  I will also continue to submit pictures of some very nice coleoptera to You!  I’ll try to submit pictures of the more impressive species that are not already on the site.  Thanks again and have a great day!

Dear Swampyy82,
You are our new hero.  We can’t wait to get underrepresented Coleoptera for our site even though it is our largest category.  If we could be so forward, we would love to request images of living and mounted specimens of a species.

I would be happy to submit photos of any species You request that I have.  I am currently working on a “Digital Insect Collection” that will have pics of all the species in my collection (this will be uploaded to my flickr webpage when completed).  You could then browse it and ask for the pics of any insect you would like and I will submit it to You.  Until then, feel free to browse the insect pics of my travels.  I will submit any photo You may want on Your site.

We don’t want to be too greedy, but the first eye catcher we noticed was a Click Beetle, Chalcolepidius smaragdinusThe photo of the puddling Tiger Swallowtails was also quite gorgeous.  Are you able to provide any details on the sightings?

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