Rwandan Grasshopper?
Location: Lake Kivi, Rwanda
July 19, 2012
this is surely the most handsome of insects.
found in rubengera, close to lake kivu, in a field.
would love to know what it is called.

Elegant Grasshopper

HI Clare,
We found an image of this beautiful Elegant Grasshopper,
Zonocerus elegans, also known as the Rainbow Locust, in our own archive.  Last year, Karl wrote to us:  “They are apparently slow and clumsy, relying primarily on their accumulated toxins for protection from predators. The toxins make them taste bad, although apparently not bad enough to make them inedible for humans. I found numerous references suggesting they are eaten in various parts of Africa.”  Say hello to Jessica and the mountain gorillas and we miss you and Mark back in Mt Washington, Los Angeles.

Location: Africa

2 Responses to Elegant Grasshopper from Rwanda

  1. Dave says:

    Hello Daniel,

    Yes, this species of Zonocerus appears to be one of the few insects that is both toxic and consumable. It has a noxious spray yet is gathered, processed, and eaten in quite a few African countries.


    • bugman says:

      Thanks for your insight Dave.
      Update: We were in a rush when we sent out that message because the car arrived to take us to UCLA. We also wanted to point out that the entomophages in our audience will appreciate that information.

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