Electric Light Bug flies into house

Subject: Weird Looking Insect
Location: Mission, Texas
December 17, 2012 9:53 pm
This bug flew into my kitchen while the door was open. It has a red belly and big black eyes, pretty weird and cool looking. Just curious as to what kind of insect it is because I have never seen one like this.
Signature: Daniel Rojas

Giant Water Bug

Dear Daniel,
You were visited by one of the aquatic Giant Water Bugs in the family Belostomatidae.  We cannot determine which species from your photograph.  Giant Water Bugs are capable of flight and they are often attracted to electric lights, hence the common name Electric Light Bugs.  We suspect this individual was attracted by your kitchen light.  Handle with caution as Giant Water Bugs can deliver a painful bite if carelessly handled or if accidentally encountered while swimming or wading, leading to another common name:  Toe-Biter.

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