Electric Light Bug

another bug question
Hi again:
A friend just sent me a photo of a bug that showed up on the screen door at his cottage on Kahshe Lake in southern Ontario this weekend. He says it was almost as long as his hand. I can’t find a photo of it on the web and am hoping you can help us to identify it.
Thanks again
Wendy Moore

Hi Wendy,
I needed to open your email right away as we have a friend from way back with the same name. This is a Giant Water Bug or Toe-Biter, or Electric Light Bug. They get that last name from the fact that they are attracted to lights at night, probably the reason it was on your friend’s door. Watch out, they bite. They are excellent swimmers and very adept at flying despite their clumsy movements on land. Regarding your caterpillar question, we will probably wait the two years before your mom develops the film.

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