Eight Spotted Crab Spider from Sumatra

Subject: Yellow/orange, ladybug-like spider
Location: tangkahan, north sumatra
February 20, 2016 8:58 pm
This spider was found in Tangkahan, North Sumatra, Indonesia, February 2016,, close to sea level.
Signature: matthew brealey

Crab Spider:  Platythomisus octomaculatus
Crab Spider: Platythomisus octomaculatus

Dear Matthew,
This is a Crab Spider in the family Thomisidae, identified by the length of the first two pairs of legs, and the lack of a web.  Crab Spiders do not use a web to snare prey.  We quickly found a gorgeous image on Deviant Art taken by Melvyn Yeo that is identified as an Eight Spotted Crab Spider, 
Platythomisus octomaculatus.  According to Macrophotography in Singapore:  “The Eight-Spotted Crab Spider (Platythomisus octomaculatus) has been an elusive subject to many macro photographers, appearing in the Singapore macro scene a small handful of times per year, despite being possibly the largest of all Crab Spiders (Thomisidae) in Singapore.”  According to So Much Science:  “Platythomisus octomaculatus – a rare crab spider from Borneo about 3 inches long. They sit in flowers and wait for pollinators. These guys have been known to feed on bees in captivity and Borneo has the world’s biggest and longest bees.”  Thanks for submitting this rarity to our archives.

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