Egyptian Flower Mantis from Oman

Subject: Green Omani Mantis ?
Location: Adam, Oman
September 14, 2016 4:28 am
Hi BugMan,
What’s this beautiful creature ? Seen in the desert in Oman, just SE of Adam
Signature: Blewyn

Egyptian Flower Mantis
Egyptian Flower Mantis

Dear Blewyn,
An insect’s common name frequently refers to a location, perhaps where it was first discovered or perhaps because it is common there, but insects have never respected international borders or walls.  Though your sighting was in Oman, we believe this is an Egyptian Flower Mantis,
Blepharopsis mendica.  Keeping Insects calls this a Thistle Mantis and states:  “This species of praying mantis is creamy-white to beige with light green stripes and light green ‘veins’ on the wings as adults. On its back this mantis has a small pointed shield under which the forearms are being kept. The inside of the front legs are orange and blue white white spots. These colors are shown in the threatening posture to deter predators. Blepharopsis mendica will grow to a size of about 5 to 6 cm, with little difference in size between the sexes. The males are more slender with wings that reach a little bit over the end of the abdomen. The females are bulkier with a wider prothorax and with wings that extend to just the end of the abdomen. The females have thin antennae while adult males have feathered antennae (antennae with large thick ‘hairs’ on it).”  The description of the antennae indicates this is a male. iNaturalist also uses the common name Egyptian Flower Mantis and also lists Oman as being in the range of the species.

Egyptian Flower Mantis
Egyptian Flower Mantis

Shukran Jazilan ! (as the locals might say around here)

Ed. Note:  Translation of Arabic into English found at My Memory is  “thank you a lot .”

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