Egg Sac of Basilica Orbweaver

Spider Egg Chain?
Subject: Spider Egg Chain?
Location: baltimore md
November 27, 2010 7:09 pm
Baltimore on Wednesday, November 24. Rubbery strand running between two holly branches with chain of eggs suspended. Spider eggs?
Signature: karan

Basilica Orbweaver Egg Sacs in a row

Dear Karan,
We are very excited to be posting your letter and photo because our research has revealed three misidentifications on our website from many years ago.  In 2004, we received a similar image from Delaware that also pictured the spider.  At that time, there was not as much information on the world wide web, and we found information in text form in a Comstock Spider book that described the egg sacs of
Cyclosa bifurca, and we made our identification based on that information.  Then in 2006, we received a second similar image from Tennessee and again, we believed it to be the work of Cyclosa bifurca.  Today, while preparing to post your photo, we found images on BugGuide of the renamed Allocyclosa bifurca, and though the egg sacs bear a resemblance, they do not seem quite right, and the pictured spider is most obviously different from the spider pictured in our 2004 letter.  Heading back to BugGuide, we browsed through the possible Orbweavers and found the Basilica Orbweaver, Mecynogea lemniscata, that produces egg sacs in a row and looks exactly like the spider in our 2004 posting.  We can now correct our prior mistakes, citing your letter as the source of the journey to the revelation.  According to BugGuide:  “The female attaches eggsacs to each other vertically in her dome shaped web.

Wow, you’re the best!  I’ve just sent your email and link to all the family members who gathered for Thanksgiving. Basilica Orbweaver is a delightful name and we’re thrilled to have the ID. The eggs are right outside my parents’ house and we can look for generations of spiders to come.
Thank you, thank you!

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