Edible Leafcutter Ants

Edible Leaf-Cutter Ants
A little while back I received a package from an amazing person in Texas whom I met indirectly through www.Bugguide.net . This spectacular individual had agreed to try to harvest these winged alates [which emerge within a pretty specific time-window, kind of like cicadas but far less numerous]. Though at first it had seemed that we’d missed the window of opportunity, in the end I got OVER 2 POUNDS of these impressive and beautiful ants. They were shipped overnight to my Rhode Island home and arrived nicely chilled. I’ve tried them; while they’re tasty – unlike cicadas, their wings are largely inedible – I have yet to make them the delectable delicacies I know them to be. These ants are consumed in Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia, and probably elsewhere. If anyone can suggest a good recipe (Roasting, baking? What spices, if any?) I’d be grateful for some advice. Thanks,

Thanks David,
We can always depend upon you for palette stimulating submissions.

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