Help to ID Caterpillar
We’ve looked all through all 13 pages of caterpillars on your awesome site, but could not find this one. We are currently camping at Oscar Scherer State Park near Sarasota , Fl and have seen several off these, mostly on the roads. They’re about 2 inches long. Thanks,
John & Joan Willlis

Hi John and Joan,
We know our archives are a tangled mess, but if you visit Caterpillars 11 from September 2007, you will find a photo of an Echo Moth Caterpillar, Seirarctia echo. It is backlit, so it looks different from your photo which is front lit. You can find more on the Echo Moth on BugGuide. All of the submissions to BugGuide are from Florida, but the moth can also be found in Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia.

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