Ebony Jewelwing

ebony jewelwing
Some friends told us about your great site, so I finally got around to checking it out. I was happy to discover a damsel that we had seen on our vacation last year, so was able to ID it. You mentioned that you would like better photos of ‘bugs’ you have pictured, so I am attaching one that my husband took of an ‘ebony jewelwing’ This picture was taken on June 10, 2006, in northern Minnesota. Thanks for a great site! I will be sending you some pictures of some unidentified ‘bugs’ that I have.
Denise Hamilton
Napa, CA

Hi Denise,
Your Ebony Jewelwing is a much welcomed addition.

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  1. I love the ebony jewelwing damselfly! It is amazing to watch it flutter from leaf to leaf. I saw my first on in Virginia this last week. I did a double take because it has the body and head of a dragon fly but it’s wings are different…the way he used his wings was like a butterfly; slow and flowing. Amazing! As I look at other pictures of the ebony jewelwing damselfly I notice four wings in pictures instead of the two I saw…or thought I saw. Do they have a two wings on each side or just one wing on each side?
    Thank you in advance for your reply.
    Leslee Riddell
    Shiloah Farm, VA


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