Bug horror story
Location: Stuttgart, Arkansas
August 9, 2011 1:52 pm
I was grocery shopping one night with my two daughters. The youngest saw raisins, and wanted them, so I bought a 6 pack of individual serving boxes.
We got to the car, loaded the groceries, and dug out the package of raisins. I stripped off the cellophane and handed her a box, and drove on home. Within 3 minutes, she wanted more, so I gave her another box. I decided to munch on one myself.
I opened my box, and tumped a few into my mouth. By the second bite, I noticed they didn’t taste quite right. My older daughter turned on the light, and poured the raisins into her hand. Imagine my utter disgust when I saw her hand was full of half-eaten raisins, and living maggots.
I have not been able to eat raisins since…
Since this form requires me to attach a photo, even though I don’t have one relevant to the story, please enjoy my image of ants devouring a pecan.
Signature: Grossed out in Arkansas

Ants Eat Pecan

Hi Grossed out in Arkansas,
We sympathize with your trauma.  We hope your individual box was the only one infested with maggots.  Your letter is definitely worthy of tagging as Worst Bug Stories Ever!!!  It is worth noting that maggots are consumed in some cultures, and we doubt that there will be any negative health ramification other than the psychological trauma.  Your ant photo, though not related to the raisin story, could in itself provide the narrative element for another Worst Bug Story Ever.

ALL of the boxes had maggots….. Ants are my phobia, but even I thought the ants devouring the pecan was pretty cool. But I won’t be eating any pecans from my yard anytime soon since I know I have ants that like them!

Hi again Grossed out in Arkansas,
Perhaps you are raising an entomophage, a person who likes to eat insects.  If it is any consolation, we suspect what you mistook for maggots was more likely the grubs of a beetle like a Drugstore Beetle or other species of beetle that commonly infests stored food products.  Maggots are fly larvae and they would be more likely to be found in garbage that contains putrefying flesh or rotting vegetable matter.

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Location: Arkansas

5 Responses to Eating Maggots with your Raisins

  1. Fred Rickerson says:

    This happened to me too back in 1986. I squashed a raisin with a Lincoln Log and a maggot came out. Same thing happened about 6 years later. Now I just eat them quickly so as to kill the maggots fast. I consider it “additional protein” with my carbs.

  2. Rebecca Gooch says:

    I found bugs and maggots in six pk of good value raisins.i got video

  3. Lindsey says:

    I just now had this issue I puked for a good hour and I feel like I’m scarred for life….. to think I was munching on those things?

  4. Jada says:

    My daughter just ate a few with her yogurt covered raisins. She is 2 1/2 and cried when I took the rest of the box away. My 7 and 9 year old boys were disgusted. Oh well, at least it wasn’t a tide pod ?

  5. Jeanne Button says:

    I just opened a bag of Sunkist raisins to make oatmeal aiding cookies! They were pretty hard so put in hot water to soften, and to my horror maggots started floating out! ???, I was mortified! I dumped them into the garbage and outside (in subzero Wisconsin temps), made my cookies with locally raised and dried cranberries!

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