Eastern Tailed Blue

Eastern Tailed Blue
Hey Bugman,
Wanted to say again how much I enjoy your web site. I just love looking at other people’s photos; especially of butterflies. I managed to see and photograph one of these little tiny butterflies today. I believe it is an "Eastern Tailed Blue." I know that others have photographed this butterfly and the blue is more brilliant at times on the male than this picture. I wonder if it is the sunlight that tends to wash the color out? I would have liked to photograph this one on an overcast day or in filtered sunlight. I believe the blue color would be more brilliant. It it is still a very pretty butterfly. I believe someone from Ontario, Canada sent one in and you have it posted. This one was taken on 4/29/08 here in Charlotte, NC. Just thought you might like to see another one. Thanks,
Patrick Crone

Hi again Patrick,
You are doing a pretty good job of adding to our butterfly archive with your Eastern Tailed Blue, Cupido comyntas. The angle of the light is probably the most critical factor in the blueness of the wings. BugGuide notes that “Unlike most butterflies, this species has thrived where its habitat has been encroached upon by human activities. It is common along freshly mowed roadsides, flying to puddles. Many adults lose their tails. “

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