Eastern Parson Spider

Subject: funnel spider???
Location: Brampton, Ontario
March 27, 2013 10:57 am
Dear Bugman,
Thank you so much for your site. I often referrence it to help identify the mysterious critters I come across. This one is a beauty. I’m thinking funnel spider, but her markings are unusual for me. Most of the ones about here are rather plain. I actually found her IN the house last night (sitting atop my tea tin). This morning another dashed inside when I opened the front door. I scooted it back outside (as I already had its friend captured for identification). I went straight to the net to find some info and came across an identical spider pic with no identification ( except one site calling it a yellow sac spider, pfft!!). My camera is not good for insect photos so I won’t bother with sending you a blurred vague image. Here is the pic I found online. If you could help that would be great. I’m gonna let this gal go soon but I’d like to know what to call her next time we cross paths, or when she decides to visit for tea again.
Signature: D.

Eastern Parson Spider
Eastern Parson Spider

Hi D.,
The Eastern Parson Spider, Herpyllus ecclesiasticus, received its common and scientific names, according to BugGuide, because of the reference:  “to the white dorsal stripe on the abdomen, which resembles a cravat worn by a parson or minister during the 1800’s.”
  The Eastern Parson Spider is a Ground Spider, not a Funnel Web Builder.

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  1. Thank-you so much. I found the same – possibly the Western parson spider in the bathtub. Caught it- took it to the walk in clinic – Dr. did not want to see it so, was going to let it go – might be poisioness- ended up killing the poor spider. There are kids around here do not want any getting accidentally bit. Guess just have to be careful. Take care.


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